THIS CAN'T GO WRONG?! | Transforming a Dove into a Dragon | Digital Painting

Fulfilling a random request today. haha Its real-time, so grab your sketchbooks and draw along with me!! I don't plan on doing a lot of videos in this style. bu... DrawingWiffWaffles
5 months ago

Comments: 2715

GLAM IT UP! | Mixing Traditional and Digital Art! | Copic + Wacom Cintiq

Its time to draw something funnnnnn! Something girly! And no one can stop me! hehe Come along, grab your sketchbook, lets draw something together! Or grab ... DrawingWiffWaffles
5 months ago

Comments: 2213

DON'T MAKE ME DO THIS! | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Karin Brushmarkers

This feels wrong! Don't make me do this! haha It said to on the let's see what happens. ▻ SUPPLIES IN THIS MONTH'S BOX: Karin Brushmarker ..... DrawingWiffWaffles
5 months ago

Comments: 2386

THE UNSEEN SKETCHES! | Sketchbook Tour | #21

Come take a look at my sketchbook! I just finished this one and I'm excited to show you the good, the bad, the never-before-seen! Hope you enjoy! DrawingWiffWaffles
5 months ago

Comments: 3225

WHY?! ANYTHING BUT THIS!! | My Least Favorite Art Supply | Mystery Art Box | ArtSnacks Unboxing

I've avoided this art supply for a lifetime, except for a dabble here and there, but now its time, according to ArtSnacks, to tackle my art assumptions. DrawingWiffWaffles
6 months ago

Comments: 2971

WHY DO MY SKETCHES LOOK LIKE THAT!? | How to Start a Drawing | My Sketching Process

I won't be covering the fundamentals of drawing or how to draw specific things, but rather the way I sketch and the steps I take that create the results you'll ... DrawingWiffWaffles
6 months ago

Comments: 2498

MAYBE I CAN HIDE IT?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Winsor & Newton ProMarkers

Who doesn't love some markers?! I love using markers. I think they suit my art style very well. And I especially like when someone else picks my color scheme. DrawingWiffWaffles
6 months ago

Comments: 3154

NO CONTROL! | Pinterest Tells Me What to Draw Game | Art Challenge

Playing a game today, I ask Pinterest what I should draw. And then i draw it. this should be interesting! ▻ SUPPLIES USED: Canson XL Watercolor Paper: ... DrawingWiffWaffles
6 months ago

Comments: 3460

ART DOESN'T ALWAYS COME EASY! | Exercise your Art Muscle! | Watercolor on Graphite

A sketch/draw with me! Grab your sketchbooks, a piece of paper, or a blank wall (if your parents say its okay), its time to create something that didn't exist b... DrawingWiffWaffles
6 months ago

Comments: 2133

SO MESSY! OMG!? | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Charcoal, Charcoal, and Charcoal!

I was a bit nervous when I opened this. I'd never given Charcoal a real try. but ahh, i think I really like this medium! You never really know what is gonna sui... DrawingWiffWaffles
6 months ago

Comments: 3854

ALL-REQUEST ART PARTY! | Thank you for One Million Subscribers!

It's time to party! Get your sketchbooks out and draw along with me. It's gonna be 2 hours of all-request drawings! You decide what I draw next! let's do this! DrawingWiffWaffles
6 months ago

Comments: 652

I SEE RED!! | Drawing Something Using Every RED PENCIL, MARKER, WATERCOLOR, ETC I Own.

I have really enjoyed doing these 'one color' challenges. Putting the art supplies away?...not so much. hehe But thanks for clicking on another one, I hope you ... DrawingWiffWaffles
6 months ago

Comments: 6421

THESE PENS DO WHAT?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Highlighters and Erasable Pens

I was at a loss with these supplies until inspiration struck. Don't be afraid to mindlessly doodle. You never know when a weird or cool idea might strike! DrawingWiffWaffles
6 months ago

Comments: 2603

MAKING ART WITH SHARPIE MARKERS! | Sharpies | Designing Colorful Fairy Characters | Drawing Process

Thanks for the 1Mil Subscribers! I didn't click the sub button. You did. So thank you, thank you! I'm still trying to figure out how we should properly celebrat... DrawingWiffWaffles
7 months ago

Comments: 5857

SO MANY SPIDER-MAN!? | Spider-sona Creation | Watercolors, Markers, and my Sketchbook

Get your sketchbooks out! Let's draw something together! I've been seeing a load of people create their own #spidersona's around social media and I LOVE ... DrawingWiffWaffles
7 months ago

Comments: 3009


Keeping it simple today. getting back into the swing of things. :D This video was the first one I filmed after the Holidays and I forgot I'd made this so...i'm ... DrawingWiffWaffles
7 months ago

Comments: 2015

PAINTING MY DOG! | Mystery Art Box | January Art Snacks Unboxing | Acrylic Fluid Paint

Featuring the only animal I know how to draw, MY DOG! hehe I spent a feeeew hours and filled my SD card on these paintings and I had so much fun I didn't ... DrawingWiffWaffles
7 months ago

Comments: 2346

DRAWING ON A SCREEN! | Wacom Cintiq 16 Tablet | My Digital Art Process

Today we're taking a more in-depth look into my digital art process, using the new Cintiq 16, provided to me by Wacom. I'm still trying to figure out how to fil... DrawingWiffWaffles
7 months ago

Comments: 1707

A NEVER-ENDING SKETCHBOOK? | Mystery Art Supplies | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Accordion SketchbooK

December's box got here a little late, but the art supplies all still work! hehe even if.......I may or may not have used them all. "HOW DO YOU EVEN OIL PASTEL? DrawingWiffWaffles
7 months ago

Comments: 3123

THERE'S GLITTER EVERYWHERE! | New Year's Illustration | Copic Markers and Glitter

Happy New Year Everyone!! I took some time yesterday and threw glitter at my drawings! hehe Have you even added glitter to your art? ▻ SUPPLIES USED: ... DrawingWiffWaffles
7 months ago

Comments: 3211

7 YEARS OF PROGRESS! | Drawing Rapunzel for the 7th Time! | Photoshop Draw This Again Challenge

Its become a tradition for me to redraw an old Rapunzel Illustration for 2012 EVERY YEAR since I made it. I love looking back at each of the drawings and seeing... DrawingWiffWaffles
7 months ago

Comments: 4195

WHAT MAKES IT SO SPECIAL?! | Watercolor Painting-Book Kit | Painting Italy

A late-night, Etsy-browsing session, on my phone, brought me this gem. I can't wait to share it with you! :D And, Mom, look what I painted inside it! hehe This ... DrawingWiffWaffles
7 months ago

Comments: 2264

5 STEPS TO IMPROVE YOUR ART! | How to Develop Your Art Style | Beginner Art Tips

My art style developed slowly and naturally over the course of 10 years to what it is today. Looking back, I can sort of piece together what I did without think... DrawingWiffWaffles
8 months ago

Comments: 5347

NOW THIS IS A MARKER! | Mystery Art Box | December Art Snacks Unboxing | Krink Paint Marker

I missed November's box, but here's December's! The last ArtSnacks box of 2018! I know you guys ask to see these, so hope you enjoy! It's always fun to try and ... DrawingWiffWaffles
8 months ago

Comments: 2841

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?! | Cheap Vs. Expensive Markers | Side-by-Side Demo | Ohuhu v. Copic

Let's find out what is the difference between Copic and Ohuhu makers! I mean.. besides the price difference. hehe ▻ Lineart if you'd like to color it: ... DrawingWiffWaffles
8 months ago

Comments: 4722

BLENDING WITH A CHISEL NIB!? | Ohuhu Markers | Best Cheap Copic Dupe

This is dedicated to all those people saying I abandoned my Ohuhu makers. and while that may be true for the most part, TODAY IT ISN'T! haha Also a tangent ... DrawingWiffWaffles
8 months ago

Comments: 2603

SO...IS IT A PENCIL?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Pens, Pencils, and this Thing

It'll be a boring day when I realize I've seen every art supply out there, but TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY! :D Another Scrawlrbox Unboxing! I really enjoy opening ... DrawingWiffWaffles
8 months ago

Comments: 3401

CUSTOMIZING MY BULLET JOURNAL! | Copic Markers on Toned Paper

I just finished my Bullet Journal which means its time to dive into a new one. and of course I wasn't going to leave it blank, I needed to draw on the cover! DrawingWiffWaffles
8 months ago

Comments: 4903

THE GOOD AND THE BAD?! | Peek Inside My Sketchbook! | Sketchbook 20 Tour

I can finally post this sketchbook tour! (I was waiting on my last video so that I could show you these last few pages) Hope you enjoy! Thanks for joining me on... DrawingWiffWaffles
8 months ago

Comments: 2233

AVOIDING A DISASTER! | 3 Marker Challenge | November Copic Colors

I want to thank Copic Markers for including me as one of their November Artists. I was challenged to create an illustration using the three colors provided. DrawingWiffWaffles
8 months ago

Comments: 1999

PEOPLE? SEASHELLS?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Toned Paper and Oil Pencils

Some trial and error today. haha How will you figure out how not to do something unless you do it first? Also, I think the first face i drew with the colored pe... DrawingWiffWaffles
9 months ago

Comments: 1372

WHAT!? WHEN? WHERE? HOW!? | Expensive Art Supplies can be Worth It | Marker Illustration

I've really been enjoying myself and creating fun/cutsy/pointless art is making me so happy. I hope you guys are finding a way to make art work for you and enjo... DrawingWiffWaffles
9 months ago

Comments: 2768

GLOB and BLEND!! | Mystery Art Supplies | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Slow Drying Acrylic on Canvas

I look forward to my Paletteful Packs box each month. I love that that the art supplies always encourage me to try something new, even if I'm not comfortable wi... DrawingWiffWaffles
9 months ago

Comments: 1808

DON'T GIVE UP! [after an ART FAIL!] | Two Attempts at the Same Drawing | Gouache and Copic Markers

This also means, I've got a Sketchbook Tour coming up for you guys! Hold tight! :D ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: (Closes: ... DrawingWiffWaffles
9 months ago

Comments: 2725

I'M IMPRESSED!! | Crayola Blending Markers Review | Copic Alternative

Today I unboxed a brand new art supply! The Crayola Signature Blending Markers. Watch to see my first impressions as well as a demo detailing how I would ... DrawingWiffWaffles
9 months ago

Comments: 2579

WHAT MY DIGITAL ART USED TO LOOK LIKE | Redrawing My First Digital Illustration | 9 Years Later

I've been creating digital art for about 9 years! (holy cow...) and I've learned a few things along the way. Today I'm taking a look back and my first, redrawin... DrawingWiffWaffles
9 months ago

Comments: 1273

I LEFT MY DESK?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Plein Air Watercolor Painting

I filmed this last month, but Inktober got in the way of me posting it. Whoops! I had sooooooooooo much fun with this and I really like the way the art turned o... DrawingWiffWaffles
9 months ago

Comments: 1774

THE INKTOBER CHALLENGE! | Things I've Learned | India Inks & Dip Pens

One day left! and I'm calling it! A successful Inktober! There are plenty of things I wish i had done better, but that just gives me something to work towards n... DrawingWiffWaffles
9 months ago

Comments: 1735

DRAWING ON BLUE PAPER!? | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing

I've yet to get a bad Paletteful Packs box. I've been pleasantly surprised every month. October was no different and you know how I enjoy using one color, so th... DrawingWiffWaffles
9 months ago

Comments: 2221

JUST WHAT I NEEDED! | Fighting Art Insecurities | Inktober | India Ink and Dip Pens

ONE MORE WEEK! I can't believe it. October is going by so fast! ▻ TOOLS USED: Dr. Ph. Martin Ink Set: Speedball Sketching Set: ... DrawingWiffWaffles
10 months ago

Comments: 1307

NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN MAILED OUT? | Mystery Art Box | October ArtSnacks Unboxing

I have a lot of opinions on this ArtSnacks. It would take a while to type them out here, so just watch the video if you want to know what's up. ▻ INSIDE THIS ... DrawingWiffWaffles
10 months ago

Comments: 1549

INKTOBER WITH RAINBOW INK! | Inktober Day 16 | India Ink and Dip Pens | Art Process Vlog | Angular

This is my 300th video! I want to thank anyone and everyone who's ever watched any of my 300 videos. I would never have thought I'd have the patience or ... DrawingWiffWaffles
10 months ago

Comments: 2670


Halloween is coming up, and to celebrate I've "trick or treated" if you will, and collected all of my Orange Art Supplies in one place and now I'm gonna draw ..... DrawingWiffWaffles
10 months ago

Comments: 2784

DAILY INKTOBER ROUTINE! | How I Draw Everyday | Inktober Day 09 | India Inks & Dip Pens | Precious

One Week Inktober Update! If you haven't been following me on instagram, I have successfully made it 9 days into Inktober! Wooo! I'm having a lot of fun and ... DrawingWiffWaffles
10 months ago

Comments: 1479

TRYING PROFESSIONAL MARKERS! | First Impressions | Using Copic Sketch Markers for the First Time

Today I tried COPIC MARKERS for the FIRST TIME! I've thought about owning these for a long time and now I have my own set! Do you own any copic markers? DrawingWiffWaffles
10 months ago

Comments: 3720

USING INDIA INK & DIP PENS for the FIRST TIME! | Inktober Plans and Goals | Inktober Day 01

Drawing for 30 days straight?! Are you participating? Follow my Inktober journey on Instagram: Let's learn ... DrawingWiffWaffles
10 months ago

Comments: 2042

ONE CONTINUOUS LINE! | Can you Draw in Cursive? | Drawing without lifting the Pen

Today I attempt to draw in cursive. The second half of the video is real time, so feel free to draw along with me! ▻ TOOLS USED: Printer Paper Kuretake Zig ..... DrawingWiffWaffles
10 months ago

Comments: 1143

CUTENESS OVERLOAD! ♥ Drawing My Subscribers | Making Art in Photoshop

You guys are such perfect masterpieces, and it's always a pleasure to be able to draw you! If you are interested in having me draw you or your art in a future .... DrawingWiffWaffles
11 months ago

Comments: 1252
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