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The Washington Ballet's hardest dance moves

PostTV goes behind the scenes at the Washington Ballet to get six professional dancers to show off the most difficult moves in their repertoire. Washington Post
4 years ago

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The full speech that RM of BTS gave at the United Nations

To help launch the United Nations' Generation Unlimited, an education and employment program for young people, K-pop super group BTS gave a speech ... Washington Post
5 months ago

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Stop and Hear the Music

Will one of the nation's greatest violinists be noticed in a D.C. Metro stop during rush hour? Joshua Bell experimented for Gene Weingarten's story in The ... Washington Post
11 years ago


5 awkward moments at the Facebook hearing

There were some awkward pauses and a few laughs when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before 44 senators in a hearing on data privacy. Subscribe ... Washington Post
11 months ago

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Louisiana school films the moment every senior gets accepted into college

TM Landry College Preparatory school in Breaux Bridge, La., boasts a 100 percent four-year college acceptance rate for their students. They captured the ... Washington Post
1 year ago

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16 must-see GoPro videos

The first GoPro came out in 2004. Since then millions of people have used the multipurpose cameras and accessories to film everything from skydiving to water ..... Washington Post
4 years ago

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SNL’s parody of the Michael Cohen testimony compared with his actual testimony

"Saturday Night Live" parodied the Feb. 27 congressional testimony of President Trump's former lawyer and personal fixer Michael Cohen. Read more: ... Washington Post
2 weeks ago

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America's intelligence community, explained

From the Armed Forces to the NSA to the Treasury Department, PostTV breaks down the 16 different agencies and organizations that collect intelligence for the ..... Washington Post
4 years ago

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Bryce Harper's swing of beauty

Washington National's phenom Bryce Harper has one of the sweetest swings in baseball. Here's why. Washington Post
5 years ago

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Gerrymandering, explained

The process of re-drawing district lines to give an advantage to one party over another is called "gerrymandering". Here's how it works. Washington Post
1 year ago

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SNL’s Trump emergency declaration vs. the real thing

'Saturday Night Live' re-created President Trump's national emergency declaration in the show's cold open on Feb. 16. Read more: Washington Post
1 month ago

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The most bizarre political moments of 2018

From Spartacus comparisons to unshakable toilet paper to baseless drug addiction accusations, 2018 got weird. Read more: Subscribe ... Washington Post
2 months ago

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Michelle Obama's speech moves many to tears in Charlotte

The first lady gives an emotional speech in which she details her early life with Barack Obama, dealing with student loan debt and raising their two girls. Obam... Washington Post
6 years ago

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Molly Burke on what it's like to go blind

YouTuber and motivational speaker Molly Burke lost her vision at a young age after being diagnosed with a rare genetic eye disease—retinitis pigmentosa. Washington Post
5 months ago

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Opinion | No, collusion is not a crime. But conspiracy is.

Trump's supporters say 'collusion' can't be prosecuted. They're wrong. Legal expert Randall D. Eliason explains. Subscribe to The Washington Post on ... Washington Post
2 months ago

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A guide to the movie references in Ariana Grande’s ‘thank u, next’ video

Ariana Grande's new video has it all, from "Mean Girls" to "Bring It On." There's even some "Legally Blonde." Oh, and "13 Going on 30," too. Read more: ... Washington Post
3 months ago

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The Trump associates Michael Cohen named in his testimony

Michael Cohen was asked who else Democrats should investigate during his testimony before the House Oversight Committee Feb. 27. Here is who he named. Washington Post
2 weeks ago

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6 head-scratching moments from Betsy DeVos's confirmation hearing

Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump's nominee for education secretary, appeared before senators at her confirmation hearing on Jan. 17, but some of her responses ... Washington Post
1 year ago

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With new arms, a soldier builds his future

Former U.S. Army Sgt. Brendan Marrocco lost both arms and legs in Iraq in 2009. Soldiering on, he received a rare double arm transplant in 2012 and is now ... Washington Post
4 years ago

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Trump on migrant caravan: 'It's not happening on my watch'

President Trump on Oct. 19 threatened to deploy the military to the U.S.-Mexico border to stop a migrant caravan from entering the U.S., calling a "big ... Washington Post
5 months ago

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Trump: 'In America we don't worship government, we worship God'

President Trump spoke about religious freedom at the Celebrate Freedom Concert in Washington D.C. on July 1. Subscribe to The Washington Post on ... Washington Post
1 year ago

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As the Parkland students hid from the shooter these are the text messages they sent

Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. tell their stories of hiding under desks and texting their loved one as an active shooter .... Washington Post
1 year ago

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In this tiny Texas town, Democratic Senate hopeful Beto O’Rourke draws a crowd

In Fort Davis, Tex., population 1201, Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-Tex.) campaigns for the U.S. Senate amongst a crowd wanting political change, starting with how ... Washington Post
6 months ago

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Watch Alan Simpson's full eulogy for George H. W. Bush

Former senator Alan Simpson (R-Wyo.), who was an old friend of the late George H.W. Bush, gave a eulogy at the Dec. 5 memorial service for the former ... Washington Post
3 months ago

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Would you buy a home from Sears? These people did and they love it

Someday soon, the Sears brand may vanish. But the name lives on in houses Sears sold by catalog some 90 years ago. Buyers then put them together. In Elgin ... Washington Post
1 year ago

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10 times George H.W. Bush's humor brought laughter to his loved ones in mourning

Amid tears, loved ones delivering eulogies at George H.W. Bush's memorial services remembered the times the former president made them laugh. Subscribe to ... Washington Post
3 months ago

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The emotional moments when Capitals players reunited with their loved ones after the Stanley Cup win

The Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history on June 7. Here's how players reacted when they saw their family members ... Washington Post
9 months ago

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How Fox News opinion hosts contradicted their own journalist

Fox News opinion hosts expressed skepticism about reports that President Trump wanted to fire special counsel Robert S. Mueller III in 2017 — despite their ..... Washington Post
1 year ago

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How Democrats plan to get Trump’s tax returns in 2019

Democrats tried 17 different times to obtain President Trump's tax returns over the past two years. Now they may finally get them. Read more: ... Washington Post
3 months ago

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'It's like the end of the world': Hurricane Michael leaves a town in ruins

Mexico Beach, Fla. was destroyed by Hurricane Michael on Oct. 10. Now, this small, tight-knit community wonders what comes next. Subscribe to The ... Washington Post
5 months ago

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Watch the full, on-camera shouting match between Trump, Pelosi and Schumer

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) clashed Dec. 11 with President Trump over border ... Washington Post
3 months ago

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Sen. John McCain's 'thumbs down' vote against repealing Obamacare: An oral history

On July 28, 2017, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) cast a vote on the floor of the Senate against repealing the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate. In this vide... Washington Post
7 months ago

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Why aren't high schoolers using lockers anymore?

Hannah Jewell and Dave Jorgenson went to Rock Ridge High School to find out why lockers aren't cool anymore - and what is cool. Read the story: ... Washington Post
1 year ago

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On reservations, at-risk Native American youths find few places to turn

This video is part of a story that published online November 28, 2014 and in print November 29, 2014: "From broken homes to a broken system" ... Washington Post
4 years ago


Opinion | An hour-by-hour comparison of Trump and Obama responding to school shootings

After President Trump's tepid response to the Parkland shooting, here's a comparison with how former president Barack Obama responded to the tragedy in ... Washington Post
1 year ago

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‘Ground zero’ of Michael’s devastation, ride with rescue teams at Mexico Beach

Rescue teams head to Mexico Beach, Fla. to assist and evacuate residents in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael's devastation. Subscribe to The Washington ... Washington Post
5 months ago

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Meet the Bottomless Pinocchio | Fact Checker

President Trump's false and misleading claims that have been repeated more than 20 times led us to create a new Pinocchio rating. Read more: ... Washington Post
3 months ago

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Students remember 'I have a dream' speech

Description: Fourth graders from Watkins Elementary School recite Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1963 speech at the Lincoln Memorial. Washington Post
9 years ago

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We tried Amazon Key. The strangers it let in our door wasn't the worst part.

The Post's Geoffrey A. Fowler tests Amazon Key, a new service that allows packages to be delivered right inside your door by allowing Amazon deliverers to ... Washington Post
1 year ago

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This kid could probably beat you in basketball. He just finished third grade.

In the world of high school basketball recruiting websites, younger and younger players are being scouted. For nine-year-old Neiko Primus, being the top-ranked ... Washington Post
1 year ago

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‘God is the ultimate’: How Trump talks about his faith

President Trump has maintained his evangelical support even while making strange comments about church, prayer and the Bible over the years. Read more: ... Washington Post
1 month ago

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Replace your iPhone battery now. Here's why.

The Post's Geoffrey A. Fowler replaced his iPhone 6 battery using Apple's new replacement program. Was it worth the hassle? We answer that and more of your ... Washington Post
1 year ago

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Cleveland fans on LeBron James, then and now

The city of Cleveland -- and NBA fans across the country -- are abuzz over the possibility that the city's prodigal son, basketball star LeBron James, might ret... Washington Post
4 years ago

Comments: 413

The Road to Victory: How President Obama won reelection

Despite a still recovering economy, and deep skepticism about his policies, President Obama ran a successful reelection campaign against Mitt Romney, and ... Washington Post
6 years ago

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Who is Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern?

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern addressed the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 16. Here's a little bit more about her. Read more: ... Washington Post
3 days ago

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After years of setbacks, Virgin Galactic could finally take humans to space

Richard Branson first projected it would take tourists to space starting in 2007. After over a decade of delays and a deadly crash, the company may be close to ... Washington Post
4 months ago

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Trump's strangest moments of 2017

President Trump had quite a few head-scratching moments, gaffes and blunders in the last year. Here's a look back at the most memorable ones. Subscribe to ... Washington Post
1 year ago

Comments: 4462

When the roads turned to rivers: Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

"People are more resilient than you think," says a Houston resident. Watch this Washington Post original documentary on how Southeast Texas is dealing with ... Washington Post
1 year ago

Comments: 239

'They come here to hunt': Surviving sexual violence on the reservation

Lisa Brunner of the Ojibwe tribe in Minnesota speaks on the cycle of sexual violence that Native American women, including herself, have faced. Washington Post
5 years ago

Comments: 41

'She wanted to use one more time': Morgan Brittain's painful reality

Morgan Brittain suffered serious brain damage after overdosing on heroin in 2013. Now 19, she lives with her grandparents and can't walk or feed herself. Washington Post
3 years ago

Comments: 720
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