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Whatever Happened To Rick From American Chopper?

You probably recognize Rick Petko from American Chopper. He started working at Orange County Choppers as a fabricator and builder in July 2003, but he's ... Looper
3 hours ago

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The Truth About Why Arrow Is Ending

Soon the Arrowverse will be missing its namesake show, as The CW's Arrow will end after eight seasons with a final ten-episode run. The other Arrowverse ... Looper
7 hours ago

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Netflix Gems No One Is Talking About

Netflix offers so many options that choosing the perfect thing to watch can be too much to deal with. Here's a look at some of the best stuff to add to your que... Looper
10 hours ago

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It Looks Like The Epic Plot For The Batman Has Been Revealed

Thumbnail Image by mizuriofficial → The Batman rumors and leaks just keep on coming. Let's get it out of the way fro... Looper
1 day ago

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Marvel Movie Cameos You Probably Missed

Stan Lee is far from the only person to make a Marvel cameo. In fact, many of the most interesting MCU cameos come from people whom casual moviegoers ... Looper
1 day ago

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The Real Reason Star Trek 4 Was Canceled

The Star Trek franchise returned to the silver screen with its highly successful 2009 reboot of the same name, but a decade later, the whole series seems to be ... Looper
1 day ago

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Every Hulk Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

The chances of Mark Ruffalo getting a solo Hulk movie seem like they're slim-to-none, but the Hulk's been one of the most visible superhero movie stars for ... Looper
2 days ago

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Cartoon Episodes So Controversial They Were Banned

We think of animated shows as harmless kids' fare, but that isn't always the case. Each of these cartoon episodes were so raunchy, so stupid, or so downright ..... Looper
2 days ago

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Don't Watch Annabelle Comes Home Until You Watch This

The Conjuring universe is poised to overtake The Matrix as the most profitable R-rated series of all time. How did the cinematic exploits of real-life paranorma... Looper
3 days ago

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Here's What Really Happened To Daphne From Frasier

The end of Frasier back in 2004 hasn't exactly stopped Jane Leeves who played Daphne on the show from working consistently in Hollywood. From her ... Looper
3 days ago

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Ranking Every X-Men Movie From Worst To First

The X-Men franchise has weathered plenty of ups and downs over the years, with the now-iconic series playing host to its fair share of garbage, as well as some ... Looper
3 days ago

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Small Details You Missed In Men In Black International

From the opening credits, Men in Black: International feels every bit like the rest of the franchise - just with better CGI and some fresh faces. It also makes ... Looper
4 days ago

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TV Shows That Were Too Disturbing To Finish

Sometimes, we just can't bring ourselves to finish a TV series. We might tune out of a comedy because we just don't find it funny, or give up on a drama because... Looper
4 days ago

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The Movie That Accidentally Killed Almost Half Of Its Cast

The story of the 1956 film The Conqueror is among the most shameful in the history of Hollywood. The big-budget would-be blockbuster featured an epically ... Looper
4 days ago

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Batman 1989 Changed Superhero Movies And You Barely Noticed

In the 30 years since it hit theaters, virtually every superhero movie has been influenced by what was first accomplished in Batman '89. Its impact has been so ... Looper
5 days ago

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Has The Batman's Rogues' Gallery Been Revealed?

Thumbnail Image by mizuriofficial → Looks like the Batman may have a whole lot of villainous trouble to deal with wh... Looper
5 days ago

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12 Horror Movies You Have To See In 2019

2019 is shaping up to be an incredible year for horror films. Here are some of the intriguing remakes, sequels to smash hits, and awesome original projects from... Looper
5 days ago

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Captain Marvel Scenes That Were Left Out Of The Movie

The version of Captain Marvel that hit theaters was clipped-down and polished-up, missing a handful of scenes you'll wish you got to see on a 50-foot screen. Looper
6 days ago

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Chernobyl Left Us With A Lot Of Big Unanswered Questions

HBO's Chernobyl purports to show not just the causes of the historic nuclear accident, but the bureaucracy that stood in the way of rescue and recovery in the .... Looper
6 days ago

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All The Rumors And Spoilers About Rise Of Skywalker We Know So Far

The lead-up to Star Wars Episode IX is proving to be pretty exciting, and leading to plenty of wild speculation. Strap on your helmets, nerf herders, you're in ... Looper
6 days ago

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Here’s Why DC Canceled Swamp Thing So Fast

Despite doing well with critics and having barely gotten started with its first season, Swamp Thing has gotten the axe at DC Universe. From debunked rumors to .... Looper
1 week ago

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11 Movies Famous Actors Regret Doing

Many actors look back on certain movies without fondness, thanks to on-set problems, disappointing scripts, or any number of other problems. Here are just a ... Looper
1 week ago

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The Most Paused Superhero Movie Moments

Whether it's an X-Men film, the next chapter in the MCU, or an entry in the DC Extended Universe, superhero movies are filled with some truly incredible ... Looper
1 week ago

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Dark Phoenix Characters With More Meaning Than You Realize

Dark Phoenix continues a long X-Men franchise tradition by bringing in heroes and villains familiar to the comics fans as well as referencing classic stories. Looper
1 week ago

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The Real Reason Dark Phoenix Bombed At The Box Office

Dark Phoenix ended an era for the X-Men franchise, and unfortunately, it didn't end on a high note. From rotten reviews to disappointing box office receipts, th... Looper
1 week ago

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Small Details You Missed In X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Here's a look at even more of the Dark Phoenix Easter eggs you may have missed on your first watch. And if you haven't seen the movie, here's your warning: ... Looper
1 week ago

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What's Come Out About The Old Man From Pawn Stars Since He Died

A combination of a TV star and TV character, viewers welcomed Richard Harrison into their homes over several hundred episodes. His presence from the pawn ... Looper
1 week ago

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Questions That Zombie Movies Never Answer

Contrary to your common movie villain, the walking dead are simple, primal, and animalistic. Still, there are all kinds of complex mysteries surrounding their .... Looper
1 week ago

Comments: 1273

The Real Reason You Don't Hear From Christopher Lloyd Anymore

Back to the Future's Christopher Lloyd went from being an A-lister at the top of his game to pretty much disappearing entirely. For those of you who've been ... Looper
1 week ago

Comments: 706

The Entire MCU Timeline Explained

The massive scope of the MCU has allowed Marvel Studios to create a sprawling, interconnected universe built on a shared continuity, and much like the comics ..... Looper
1 week ago

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Questions We Have After Watching Dark Phoenix

In order for a phoenix to be reborn, it first has to die. And that's what Dark Phoenix is essentially about: the death of the X-Men franchise at Fox, so it may ... Looper
1 week ago

Comments: 321

Easter Eggs You Missed In X-Men Dark Phoenix

Since the first X-Men movie all the way back in 2000, the architects of the franchise have been dropping in small nods and references to the comics that inspire... Looper
1 week ago

Comments: 474

Explaining The End Of X-Men Dark Phoenix

It's been nearly 20 years since the X-Men franchise began back in 2000, almost single-handedly kicking off this whole superhero blockbuster craze. Over the ... Looper
1 week ago

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The Ending Of I Am Mother Explained

Moms can be tough, but the apocalypse can be tougher. Netflix's new sci-fi movie I Am Mother is a story about trust, faith, and a robot who just might have the ... Looper
1 week ago

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How Endgame Actors Reacted To The Movie's Biggest Moments

Thumbnail Image by Yadvender Singh Rana → For the most part, the cast of Avengers: Endgame was in the dark ... Looper
1 week ago

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Dark Phoenix Debuts A Brutal Rotten Tomatoes Score

Reviews are pouring in for Dark Phoenix, the second cinematic attempt to adapt the classic Marvel storyline of the same name, and they are, for the most part, .... Looper
1 week ago

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The Batman: Matt Reeves Addresses Robert Pattinson's Casting

Long before Robert Pattinson signed on the dotted line to star as Bruce Wayne in The Batman, the internet lit up like a Christmas tree with hot takes on the new... Looper
2 weeks ago

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The Greatest Movie Plot Twists Of All Time

Maybe that mild-mannered dude in the corner was really the big bad guy. Perhaps the hero was dead the whole time. Or maybe everything we've seen is ... Looper
2 weeks ago

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Why Hollywood Stopped Casting The Actor Who Played Hagrid

By all accounts, this beloved Harry Potter veteran would like to continue acting, but there are a few factors that might be making directors a bit hesitant to w... Looper
2 weeks ago

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A Controversial Batman Twist May Occur In Joker Film

We're still a few months out from the release of Joker, the film from director Todd Phillips in which Joaquin Phoenix takes on the role of Batman's arch-enemy. Looper
2 weeks ago

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Things In Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Only Adults Notice

While Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is totally suitable for children, it has some truly great moments that older viewers can appreciate — moments that lik... Looper
2 weeks ago

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Chris Evans Bloopers That Make Us Adore Him

No matter the movie, Chris Evans always seems to be having a good time — something made clear by the outtakes, behind-the-scenes footage, and bloopers ... Looper
2 weeks ago

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What Really Happened To The Incredible Hulk 2 Explained

The Hulk may be one of Marvel's most famous heroes, but after the release of The Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner was sidelined until The Avengers rolled around ..... Looper
2 weeks ago

Comments: 557

Robert Downey Jr. Speaks Out About Fat Thor

Everyone has had something to say about fat Thor in Avengers: Endgame, and now Robert Downey Jr. has added his two cents. Chatting with Variety as part of ... Looper
2 weeks ago

Comments: 543

The Craziest Spider-Man: Far From Home Fan Theories

As with most major Marvel movies, fan speculation surrounding the latest upcoming Spider-Man sequel has been running rampant, with both plausible and ... Looper
2 weeks ago

Comments: 168

The Horrifying Ending Of The Perfection Explained

Netflix's latest horror hit is thrilling viewers even as it challenges the audience to figure out what the heck is actually happening. From blades to bugs and t... Looper
2 weeks ago

Comments: 132

The End Of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Explained

There's a lot to unpack in the latest Godzilla flick's ending, from what the human characters might do next to what this rapidly expanding fictional universe co... Looper
2 weeks ago

Comments: 1962

The Truth About A Game Of Thrones Sequel

Thumbnail Image by Bosslogic → After becoming so invested in the story and characters, it's hard to move on from Game ... Looper
2 weeks ago

Comments: 497

Black Widow Solo Movie Begins Filming

Marvel has officially begun spinning its latest web. Snaps of Black Widow actress Scarlett Johansson on the set of the upcoming superhero standalone hit the ... Looper
2 weeks ago

Comments: 432

Loki And Odin Almost Looked Totally Different In The Marvel Films

It's a question that's puzzled filmmakers for generations: how do you show a cinematic divine being? ...movies have wrestled with how to show God and gods on ..... Looper
2 weeks ago

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