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Roulette Christmas Shopping Challenge! Alisha Marie

Decided to do my christmas present shopping a little different this year and do a "roulette" christmas shopping challenge where i mix up my entire christmas lis... AlishaMarie
4 days ago

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Vlogmas 2019! Behind the Scenes | Alisha Marie

Ahh its vlogmas szn finally!! 25 daily vlogs will be uploaded on my 2nd channel here: can't wait to spend it with you!! xo... AlishaMarie
1 week ago

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Black Friday Haul 2019... *my wallet hates me lol

another year another black friday haul of 2019..we did all the black friday shopping this year! my wallet hates me but thats ok! what was your fav thing i got? ... AlishaMarie
2 weeks ago

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What I Spend in a Week! 26 yr old living in LA | Millennial Money

So here is what i spend in a week as a 26 year old living in LA! So many of you wanted me to do this video trend! How do you think I did? Also I decided to not ... AlishaMarie
2 weeks ago

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Being LaurDIY 's Personal Assistant for the Day! *i failed miserably

So today I'm being Laurdiy's aka Lauren's assistant for the day and guys i kinda failed miserably. Who's assistant should I be next?! xo -alisha marie BUY MY ..... AlishaMarie
1 month ago

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Trying Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette.. *Is it worth your money?

Today we're trying the shane dawson x jeffree star conspiracy palette / collection to review and see if it's worth your money! Did you guys watch the series? wh... AlishaMarie
1 month ago

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Real AF Work Week in My Life! *full time youtuber

Ready for a real af work week in my life? this is actually what a work week looks like for me as a full time youtuber /social media influencer! hope you enjoy .... AlishaMarie
1 month ago

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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas That Don't Suck *diy costumes 2019

want some last minute halloween costume ideas that dont suck? well here are some easy diy halloween costumes / outfits for you! What are you being for ... AlishaMarie
1 month ago

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Cleaning Out My ENTIRE Makeup Collection.. *i got rid of it all

So today i'm cleaning out my entire makeup collection and guys i got rid of it all i'm not joking! I love cleaning / organizing videos so lmk if you want more! ... AlishaMarie
2 months ago

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I Went Thrifting in Tokyo.. *huge thrift shop haul

Guys I went thrifting while in Tokyo aka here is a huge thrift shop try-on haul haha which thrift piece was your fav that I got? Also if you want to watch bts o... AlishaMarie
2 months ago

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Trying Skims Shapewear by Kim Kardashian... *is it better than spanx? haul / review

Here's my try-on haul / review of Skims shapewear by Kim Kardashian West! Is it better than spanx? I do a full comparison of spanx vs skims so let's see if Kim ... AlishaMarie
2 months ago

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Switching Rooms With My Sister for 24 Hours Challenge!! *i pranked her good

So I'm switching rooms with my sister for 24 hours and guys I pranked her so good! This 24 hour challenge was super fun! What other challenges should we do? AlishaMarie
2 months ago

Comments: 2052

Wearing ONLY Men's Clothes for a Week! *DIY Challenge

Decided to wear only men's clothes for an entire week! Do you think I killed this DIY challenge? Comment below your fav men's outfit that I wore! xo -Alisha Mar... AlishaMarie
3 months ago

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How to Look Hot When You Travel *outfit ideas, travel hacks, and tips

For real how the hell do girls look so hot when they travel? It took me years to figure it out. Here are some travel outfit ideas, and life hacks to look good w... AlishaMarie
3 months ago

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Letting the Person In Front of Me Decide What I Buy Challenge!

This is the most epic shopping challenge i've done. Today I'm letting the person in front of me decide what i buy! Thanks to Marshalls for sponsoring and lettin... AlishaMarie
3 months ago

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24 Hour Car Challenge! Living in My Car for 24 Hours w/ MissRemiAshten!

You wanted more 24 hour overnight challenges so here is 24 hours living in my car with Remi! Her video: Also, ... AlishaMarie
3 months ago

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How to Look Good for Back to School! *advice from a college dropout

Want to look good going back to school? Here are my tips on just how to look bomb for school! Lulus has the cutest back to school outfits guys so excited that .... AlishaMarie
4 months ago

Comments: 5041

Roasting My Own Instagram!! *exposing myself

Today I am roasting my own instagram and I may be exposing myself while doing it lol. Comment below who you think should roast my instagram next. Thanks to ... AlishaMarie
4 months ago

Comments: 2115

Hot Girl Summer Challenge

So we tried to have a "hot girl summer" cause that's the new trendy thing but...well i think we failed miserably. What do you think? Have you heard the term ... AlishaMarie
4 months ago

Comments: 2542

Huge Summer Clothing Haul...*i spent too much money again

I'm going on vacation so here is a huge summer clothing haul of buying things i really wanted for my summer vacation. save more at http://www. AlishaMarie
4 months ago

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How to Lose Weight // What I Eat In A Day for Weight Loss

Here is what I eat in a day for weight loss! If you haven't seen my fitness journey yet pls watch it cause I explain what i've learned from getting a nutritioni... AlishaMarie
5 months ago

Comments: 3880

How I Finally Lost Weight / My Fitness Journey!

Here is how i finally lost weight. You guys have been wanting to hear my fitness journey for a long time! Please know you are beautiful NO MATTER what size ... AlishaMarie
5 months ago

Comments: 6475

Trying Weird Food Combinations People Love w/ Josh Peck!

so josh peck and i are trying weird food combinations that people love and guys some of these food combinations are so insane!! which one food combo would ... AlishaMarie
6 months ago

Comments: 6095

Pause Challenge! *Roommate Prank Wars*

Roommate wars is back and this time we are doing the pause challenge!! This was so much fun to prank each other. Who do you think won this pause challenge ... AlishaMarie
6 months ago

Comments: 6320

Dressing Like Cardi B for a Week Challenge

Today's challenge is dressing up like Cardi B for a week and this video was so much fun to film! What day's outfit was your favorite? Would you dress like Cardi... AlishaMarie
6 months ago

Comments: 3533

Letting The Person In Front of Me Decide What I Eat for 24 Hours Challenge!

So today Im letting the person in front of me decide what i eat for 24 hours in the fast food drive thru! This is one of my favorite challenges i've ever filmed... AlishaMarie
6 months ago

Comments: 8262

My Morning Routine.. *actually tho

it's been awhile since i've filmed a morning routine..but here is my actual morning routine! thank you to Clinique for sponsoring this video! check out Clinique... AlishaMarie
7 months ago

Comments: 3970

Huge Try-On Bikini Haul..

so i got rid of a ton of bikinis / swimsuits the other day which made me go shopping for new swimsuits! hope you love this try on bikini haul! which bikini is u... AlishaMarie
7 months ago

Comments: 7021

The Dumbest Purchases I've Made in my 20s... *things i regret buying

so here are the dumbest purchases i've made in my 20s..please learn from my financial mistakes and be smart with your money lol i regret these purchases so ... AlishaMarie
8 months ago

Comments: 3915

on wednesdays we wear pink...

APRIL5TH 12pm PST + 20% off select items I'm so excited to be releasing this limited edition pink SO EXTRA hoodie! It drops on ... AlishaMarie
8 months ago

Comments: 1817

First Time Trying Fashion Nova and This Is How It Went..

so this was my first time trying fashion nova and this is how it's a haul! shoutout to google pay for sponsoring me on this haul download it here: ..... AlishaMarie
8 months ago

Comments: 2324

Switching Siblings w/ Morgan Adams!!

Today Morgan and I are switching siblings for the day so she is having Ashley for a sister and Ryland is my brother! Be sure to watch Morgan's video here: ... AlishaMarie
8 months ago

Comments: 1739

24 Hour Overnight Bathroom Challenge!!

24 hour overnight bathroom challenge starts right now! I can't believe I actually stayed in my bathroom for 24 hours! Which 24 hour challenge should I do next? AlishaMarie
9 months ago

Comments: 9113

How to Glow Up in 24 Hours!! *epic transformation

So here is how to glow up in 24 hours not gunna lie theres an epic transformation and it's crazy haha we love a good beauty makeover and a glowing up ... AlishaMarie
9 months ago

Comments: 3236

How to Be a Youtube Vlogger and Make Millions $$

So you want to know how to be a youtube vlogger and make millions? Well I decided to share a lot of my secrets of how to be a successful youtuber that i've ... AlishaMarie
9 months ago

Comments: 9099

Sister CONTROLS My Day! *Saying Yes to Everything She Says

So my sister Ashley controls my entire day and I have to say yes to everything she says for almost! Download google maps: xo ... AlishaMarie
10 months ago

Comments: 4509

Best Friend Reacts to My EX-BOYFRIEND Tag! *deleted video*

So my best friend Remi (missremiashten) and I are going react to my ex-boyfriend tag which is a deleted video! OMG do you remember when I uploaded this ... AlishaMarie
10 months ago

Comments: 5379

How to Look Expensive When You're BROKE AF!!

So you want to know how to look expensive or rich when you're broke af?! Here's my tips on how to look good on a budget! You don't have money to look ... AlishaMarie
10 months ago

Comments: 6942

What I Got For Christmas 2018!

here is what i got for christmas in 2018! im so thankful for every present and gift that i received although its really not about the gifts..what did you get fo... AlishaMarie
11 months ago

Comments: 4494

Dollar Store DIY Challenge: $1 Christmas Room Decor

It's the first Dollar Store DIY Challenge I've ever done! Today's do it yourself challenge is a $1 Christmas Holiday room decor! Wish me luck in this Christmas ... AlishaMarie
1 year ago

Comments: 3570

It's Finally Here...

it's finally alisha marie official merch https://shopalishamarie.c... AlishaMarie
1 year ago

Comments: 8214

Black Friday Haul 2018.. *things get crazy

My black friday haul for 2018 is here! Did you guys go black friday shopping and did you get any crazy deals? Not gunna lie this black friday things get crazy .... AlishaMarie
1 year ago

Comments: 5370

Being Different Youtubers For a Week!! *something crazy happens!!

So I decided what would being different youtubers for a day be like?! I basically live like other youtubers and something crazy legit happens so you need to sta... AlishaMarie
1 year ago

Comments: 14041

24 Hours HANDCUFFED To My Sister!! *idk how we survived*

Guys I spent 24 hours handcuffed to my sister! I can't believe we did this 24 hour handcuff challenge. Idk how we survived! haha What other 24 hrr challenges ..... AlishaMarie
1 year ago

Comments: 3894

Switching Houses with LaurDIY!!

Guys Lauren and I are switching houses for a day! Check out Lauren's aka LaurDIY's house swap video here: ... AlishaMarie
1 year ago

Comments: 13260

Pretty Basic Girls Take LA! Our New Reality Show!!

Welcome to Pretty Basic Girls Take LA! Our New Reality Show!! Pretty Basic Girls with Remi Cruz is a new reality show of behind the scenes of Youtuber's life's ... AlishaMarie
1 year ago

Comments: 3455

Huge Clothing Haul!! (I spent too much money)

Guys I spent way too much money shopping yesterday but it's good cause now I have a huge clothing haul for you!! haha Grab some popcorn and enjoy seeing ... AlishaMarie
1 year ago

Comments: 4906

DIY Halloween Costumes 2018! Roommate Wars!!

Halloween Cosutmes anyone? If you're needing some inspo for your halloween costume I gotchu! Which diy costume was your fav? Who is excited Roommate ... AlishaMarie
1 year ago

Comments: 21925

Sister Shops for Me at GUCCI! *it gets awkward*

I did a shopping sister shops for me at Gucci!! Crazy I know..she buys my outfit and it gets awkward. Purposely left in our sister banter cause it... AlishaMarie
1 year ago

Comments: 9143
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