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MONSTER TRUCK vs HOT ROD - 2000 Horsepower Drag Race

Seeing a Monster Jam truck in real life is pretty unreal - something like a childhood dream for a whole lot of gearheads. Seeing it on a drag strip in real life... Hoonigan
4 days ago

Comments: 847

Is the Mitsubishi Evo IX the World's Best Street/Track Car?

We're all a product of out environment - and for better or for worse, our automotive preferences reflect that. Which is why when young Roncar began his ... Hoonigan
1 week ago

Comments: 541

Our Drift Week 2020 Session Did NOT End Well...

Help out Rudy Hansen here! As soon as we heard that the Drift Week 2020 squad ... Hoonigan
2 weeks ago

Comments: 877

Rauh Welt Porsche 911: The Untold Story of Scotto's Dream Car

Coming up as a hardcore Volkswagen kid, Brian Scotto's dream car was a natural evolution of German car head: a Porsche 911 turbo. So instead of buying ... Hoonigan
3 weeks ago

Comments: 1097

Drift Dudes Go Off-Roading: Can You Rock Crawl in a Bone Stock 2020 Jeep Gladiator?

What happens when you take two drift drivers (Hert and the homie Justin Pawlak) away from their usual comfort zones of low ride heights, high horsepower, high .... Hoonigan
2 months ago

Comments: 736

This “New” ’85 Toyota Corolla is the Best Worst Idea Ever: Hert Gets an AE86!

Why does a man with 9 cars need a new daily driver? A 34 year old Corolla, at that? The answer, of course, is carcaine. It hits hard. So while Hert may be ... Hoonigan
2 months ago

Comments: 2311

Ken Block’s Twin Turbo 1400HP Fireplace aka Hoonigan Yule Log. (2 Hrs of Hoonicorn Spitting Fire)

The Hooni-Yule log: a holiday gift from Ken Block and the Hoonigans. Featuring the 1400hp Twin Turbo AWD Ford Mustang RTR Hoonicorn V2. Originally shot ... Hoonigan
2 months ago

Comments: 710

Sh*tcar Goes Safari Spec! Our Infamous SR20 Powered $350 BMW Gets Chopped Up and Off-Road Ready

Just when we all thought it was ready to bite the dust, Sh*tcar strikes again. This time, with more power, more reliability, and WAY more ride height. Danger Da... Hoonigan
2 months ago

Comments: 1059

How to make 75hp Feel Like 300+hp: Kei Car Ripping With Mighty Car Mods in Australia!

How could we go down under without visiting Mighty Car Mods themselves? Moog and Marty show us around their headquarters, and show off one of their more ... Hoonigan
2 months ago

Comments: 2132

The Greatest Rotary Shop in All of Australia? Spitting Fire at PAC Performance

Australia is known for many things: deadly animals for one, and savage rotaries for another. We chose to explore the rotary route for obvious reasons (because .... Hoonigan
2 months ago

Comments: 1076

Racing With Hand Controls Only? 1000+ Horsepower Nissan GTR Gets Driven by Chairslayer!

Rob Parsons - AKA Chairslayer - is an absolute legend. Not only can the dude weld, build, fabricate, and 3D render exotic racecar parts, he's a ripper behind th... Hoonigan
2 months ago

Comments: 620

Ken Block’s Climbkhana TWO: 914hp Hoonitruck on China's Most Dangerous Road; Tianmen Mountain

Some feared 2018's Gymkhana TEN marked the end of automotive's largest viral video franchise, but Ken Block is back with the second installment of the ... Hoonigan
3 months ago

Comments: 14849

Can you do a Burnout Up on Two Wheels?? AND Ken Block Tests his Hoonitruck in China!

We travel far and wide to Zhangjiajie, China to join HHIC Ken Block and film some stuff with Ken, his Ford F-150 Hoonitruck with 914hp going to all four wheels,... Hoonigan
3 months ago

Comments: 1225

The SEMA 1 Hour 10 Minute Mega Spectacular 2019

Let us be your guides to one of the world's biggest automotive shows, ever: SEMA. Bigger Burnyard, more hosts, more cars, and more time on our one hour ... Hoonigan
3 months ago

Comments: 1115

900hp Birthday Party: Formula Drift Championship Weekend With Team Worthouse!

When a race weekend involves a birthday AND a potential championship win, what do you do? You party with your friends, that's what you do. Danger Dan and ... Hoonigan
3 months ago

Comments: 373

How to Run an Underdog Race Team: Beating Giants With Steve Arpin

Steve Arpin is one of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet at a rallycross race in the U.S. Dude is always stoked, always signing autographs, and talking to anyone... Hoonigan
4 months ago

Comments: 233

A Honda K24 Powered 240sx... Built to Grip!! Touge Factory's JDM Frankenstein Madness

Last time we visited our friends at Touge Factory on our Final Bout trip, Hert spotted a wild project car in their garage... but it was far from being done. So ... Hoonigan
4 months ago

Comments: 866

AMS Performance is a Horsepower Madhouse, And We Drift Their New Supra!!

You may know AMS Performance in Chicago from any one of their many horsepower endeavors: Evos, GTRs, and more. Their Alpha packages are the stuff of ... Hoonigan
4 months ago

Comments: 564

Can Hert Get Redemption After Breaking His Car at Final Bout??

After back to back years of bad luck trying to drive at Final Bout, including 2019 - our boy Hert got the invite to return to Shawano Wisconsin to finally drive... Hoonigan
4 months ago

Comments: 583

Offroad 240SX Shredding at the Last Pismo Beach Dunes Weekend Ever??

The Pismo Beach Dunes are a fine piece of Californian off-road history - and unfortunately, they may be coming to an end soon. So we tag along with the Terra ..... Hoonigan
4 months ago

Comments: 743

2020 Truck Showdown: Gladiator vs Ranger at Jeremy McGrath's Ranch! (without Jeremy McGrath)

Our off-road Mexico squad heads "almost" to Mexico, to a semi-secret testing ranch, to do what they do best: jump trucks and get rowdy. BUT this time around, ..... Hoonigan
5 months ago

Comments: 391

Inside Audi’s Secret Storage Facility: Scotto Loses His Mind! Racecars Everywhere #audi #hoonigan

Out in Ingolstadt, Germany, you can find Audi headquarters. Where there's a nice Audi museum, with a great collection of vintage Audi prototypes, racecars, and ... Hoonigan
5 months ago

Comments: 1416

Does Germany Have the World's Greatest Roads? (Nurburgring Trip Pt.2)

Wrapping up the world's greatest endurance race (the 24 hours of Nurburgring) and heading straight to... the world's greatest highway. Yep, Germany knows ... Hoonigan
5 months ago

Comments: 1029

Is THIS the Best Race to Spectate EVER? Surviving the 24 Hours of Nurburgring on No Sleep

One could argue that the 24 Hours of Nurburgring is the greatest endurance race in existence... but it's tough to argue the fact that it's the best one to party... Hoonigan
5 months ago

Comments: 805

The Wildest RX-7 Build Ever? Visiting Rob Dahm's Rotary Palace

Some of you may remember Rob Dahm when he visited us here in the studio for Hertbreak - or you may know him as the man who's been working on one of the ... Hoonigan
5 months ago

Comments: 1585

World’s Best Car Cruise?? Doing Woodward Dream Cruise in our $3,500 Land Yacht

Yup, we totally underestimated the Woodward Dream Cruise. What a great event - SO many people with cars from every era, country, make, and model. Hoonigan
5 months ago

Comments: 1499

What Did We Buy!? Our $3500 "Luxury" Barge for Woodward Dream Cruise 2019

Ok ok - yes we bought another car. Even though not all of our other cars work. This, friends, is the definition of Carcaine. BUT - don't front, this Oldsmobile ... Hoonigan
5 months ago

Comments: 1399

$750,000 600hp, and AWD: We Got the Keys to the Ultimate Racecar!

Thanks to cbdMD, SCT Performance, and Loenbro Motorsports for making this happen! @cbdmd.usa Use code ARPIN for 20% off entire purchase and free ... Hoonigan
6 months ago

Comments: 313

797hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye, Racing in an Airplane Graveyard

Danger Dan fears no speed, and fears (almost) no vehicle. Which is why he's the ideal candidate to put behind the wheel of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye ... Hoonigan
6 months ago

Comments: 633

2000hp, a Camaro and an Empty Airfield: Standing Mile Racing Big Red Camaro

Standing mile racing seems simple enough: you've got an engine bay full of power, and a throttle pedal to let it all loose. But it goes way beyond just slamming... Hoonigan
6 months ago

Comments: 657

Abandoned Waterpark Shred Session in Mexico in a Ford Explorer

Ah Mexico - a place where a wild Hoon's dreams can really come true. Tacos, racing, good people and even better off-roading features. Manmade or otherwise. Hoonigan
6 months ago

Comments: 900

Mexico Streets in Race Trucks = The Best Taco Run EVER?

What's the best part about Mexico? Everything. Everything is the best part about Mexico. We head down to Estero Beach to check out some offroad racing, and ... Hoonigan
6 months ago

Comments: 912

SEMA Giveaway, Burnout Kings Winner, And More!

6 months ago

Comments: 210

Zero F*%ks Given TESLA PICKUP TRUCK: EV West’s Electric Madhouse

Feast your eyes on the tuning shop of the future. Gone are driveshafts and gas powered anything; the psychos at EV West are chucking Tesla powerplants into ... Hoonigan
7 months ago

Comments: 1426

Most Stylish Drifting Event in America: Final Bout Gallery Shred Days

What's the best part about Final Bout? Everything. The style, the people, the culture... and especially the driving. Even though Hert's bad luck struck again wi... Hoonigan
7 months ago

Comments: 1299

Hoonigan Goes to Final Bout: America's Greatest Grassroots Drift Event?

Final Bout is arguably the best grassroots drift event that the U.S. has to offer. Completely based around fun, style, and everything that we love about the lat... Hoonigan
7 months ago

Comments: 1066

We Crown the Burnout KING of June 2019!

Burnout Kings 2019 Codeword for JULY: "Too Much Sauce". Get your submissions up! Shout out to our friends at Simple Tire for a discount on the tires we're all .... Hoonigan
7 months ago

Comments: 591

We're Hiring! Plus Ken Block, The Banana Hammer, and More

We've got a lot going on, BUT first and foremost: we've got a careers page! Check out here: Subscribe to our new ... Hoonigan
8 months ago

Comments: 706

Attempting The Impossible: Racing Our Sportster for X-Games Glory

Quick recap: we bought a Harley-Davidson Sportster off of Craigslist. Built it in 72 hours. Threw our buddy Ryan Kibbe (aka Kibbetech) behind the handlebars, ..... Hoonigan
8 months ago

Comments: 513

11,000hp Ride Along, A Monstrous Monster Truck Save, and More: Hoonigan Driver Field Report!

First off, check out HHIC Ken Block's Awesome UTV Shred Guide here: We've got Hoonigan drivers all around ... Hoonigan
8 months ago

Comments: 475

We Set a World Record (Maybe) For National Donut Day

It's National Donut Day - so how do we celebrate? We celebrate by inviting a bunch of our delinquent friends, of course. And we attempt a world record: most ... Hoonigan
8 months ago

Comments: 875

800hp Coyote Powered Hot Rod... on LeMans Wheels?? Mike Burroughs Ford Model A truck

We've been following our friend Mike Burroughs' builds for years, from Rusty Slammington to his previous Model A project. But this - this is some next level wor... Hoonigan
9 months ago

Comments: 1163

The Worst Handshake Ever For a C4 Corvette, Burnout Kings, and More

There comes a time in every man's life where he learns how to do a proper handshake. Witness here, friends, as one of our very own learn how not to do a ... Hoonigan
9 months ago

Comments: 1534

Barn Find Porsche Becomes A Twin Turbo Frankenstein Build: Rod Emory’s 356 RSR

Rod Emory is a legend in the Porsche game - so when he's got a new build, you know it's going to be worthy of an in-depth look. His 356 RSR is no exception to .... Hoonigan
9 months ago

Comments: 1110

$1,100 240Z Becomes Carbon Bodied Time Attack Car of our Dreams

If we were to add a "rags to riches" story to the book of time attack, this would be it. Shawn Bassett knew he wanted a 240z after watching one clean up at an .... Hoonigan
9 months ago

Comments: 1130

The Civic Racecar That Changed the Honda Game Forever

This car right here is an absolute game changer. For the first time in 20 years, legendary racecar builder Stephan Papadakis lifts the front clip of his legenda... Hoonigan
10 months ago

Comments: 1556

We Let Our Editor Drive Brand New Jeep Wranglers, in Moab!?

Get the Commuter by Kove: Use code hoon65 for 65% off!! Code only available for a limited time, so shop now!* You may know ... Hoonigan
10 months ago

Comments: 541

12,000RPM Twin Turbo IndyCar: Behind the Dallara's Carbon Bodywork

So yeah, this is pretty sick. Not gonna lie. There's an IndyCar in the Donut Garage. The same exact place that birthed ShartKart. Check out what makes this ... Hoonigan
10 months ago

Comments: 1104

Greatest Camaro Ever Built? 8500rpm LS7 DSE-Z 3rd Gen

Detroit Speed's DSE-Z is one of those rare anomalies of a build - pretty much what we'd consider perfect. Built with unreal detail, BUT it's built to shred too. Hoonigan
10 months ago

Comments: 1688

Taxi Cab Rallycross: Door-to-Door Smashing Crown Vics For The 2019 Taxiderby

Is this real life? Our buddy Cole from Life Motorsports bought up a whole bunch of retired Crown Vic police interceptors and taxi cabs - built a rallycross cour... Hoonigan
10 months ago

Comments: 648
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