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YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 GLOW Unboxing & Review! What You Really Need To Know | Colorways & Toeboxes

KS, Wuzg00d & Mouse Jones review the new Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Glow. What you really need to know before you buy. Do they really glow? BETNetworks
17 hours ago

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#TBT Chris Brown Before The Fame Reveals His "Firsts" | 106 & Park

Throwback clip of Chris Brown's first ever interview on 106 & Park as an up and coming artist in 2006! SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! ▻▻ ... BETNetworks
1 day ago

Comments: 243

Jourdan & Alana's New Gig Isn't Exactly What They Signed Up For S2 E4 | Two Grown

Jourdan & Alana sign up for a dancing gig at a "black-mitzvah" but it isn't quite what they expected it to be. SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! ▻▻ BETNetworks
2 days ago

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How Tokyo Vanity Turned A Viral Moment Into Multimedia Stardom | I Went Viral

The New Orleans native talks about going viral on the internet and how it transformed into business ventures and relationships with artists like Young Thug. BETNetworks
2 days ago

Comments: 496

Biggie’s Very Last Interview On Tupac’s Murder & Meaning Of “Life After Death” Album

In this rare clip, Rap City's Joe Clair spoke with The Notorious B.I.G. on the set of "Hypnotize", in what would be his very last interview ever. Recorded on ..... BETNetworks
3 days ago

Comments: 137

Melii Reacts To Megan Thee Stallion, Blueface, Tory Lanez & Rah Digga’s Bars | Rate The Bars

Tory Lanez's bars have a special kind of energy according to Melii. She also rates Megan Thee Stallion, J.T. of City Girls, A Boogie, Blueface and more! BETNetworks
4 days ago

Comments: 194

What Is Meant To Be, Will Be S1 E9 | Makeup Breakup

Bryce continues to look for his mom, Blake and Shannon reconnect and Brooke may have some surprising news. Catch Season 2, episode 1 exclusively on BET ... BETNetworks
4 days ago

Comments: 48

For Better Or For Worse S1 E8 | Makeup Breakup

Brooke gets a surprise visit from Spencer that doesn't end well while Blake and Shannon call it quits. Bryce is forced to confront something he's been trying to... BETNetworks
1 week ago

Comments: 29

#TBT DJ Khaled On "Suffering From Success" Album Ft. Drake, Lil Wayne & More | 106 & Park

TBT to 2013 when DJ Khaled came through to 106 & Park to promote his new album! SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! ▻▻ #FirstWivesClubBET ... BETNetworks
1 week ago

Comments: 35

Is A Man Cleanse The Answer To Your Relationship Problems? S2 E3 | Two Grown

The ladies discuss the pros & cons of going on a man cleanse and Alana has eyes on a new boo. SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! ▻▻ ... BETNetworks
1 week ago

Comments: 27

Best Black Mama Impersonations & Meanings By Malik Yoba & The Men Of First Wives Club

Tobias Truvillion, Malik Yoba and Mark Tallman give their best hilarious impersonations of "Black Mama Sounds" and explain the meanings for each one! BETNetworks
1 week ago

Comments: 25

What's Done In The Dark Will Always Come To Light S1 E7 | Makeup Breakup

Blake finds out about Shannon's previous hook ups and Laura confront Spencer. SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! ▻▻ #MakeupBreakup ... BETNetworks
1 week ago

Comments: 25

Mistresses Get Confronted & Relationships Get Questioned S1 E6 | Makeup Breakup

Laura gets confirmation on her thoughts about Spencer cheating. Blake has mixed feelings about Shannon and Shannon thinks she knows the reason why. BETNetworks
2 weeks ago

Comments: 27

The Untold Truth Of Cheri Dennis’ Departure From Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment | #FindingBET

A spot on one of hip-hop's most legendary record labels might seem like a dream career landing at first. But for Cheri Dennis, it quickly turned into a valuable... BETNetworks
2 weeks ago

Comments: 4963

#TBT 50 Cent & Kanye West Go Head To Head On Who Has The Best Album | 106 & Park

We're throwing it back to 2007 when Ye & 50 both stopped by 106 & Park to discuss album drops of "Graduation" and "Curtis" during the Clash Of The Titans ... BETNetworks
2 weeks ago

Comments: 984

Alana & Jourdan Try Unconventional Ways To Make Money S2 E2 | Two Grown

Girls just want to have funds! Alana & Jourdan tag team to make money in the quickest, most clever ways possible! SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! BETNetworks
2 weeks ago

Comments: 11

A Case Of The Exes S1 Ep 5 | Makeup Breakup

Shannon, Blake & Brooke all experience a blast from the past. Show Synopsis: After Blake and Brooke's relationship take a turn for the worst, new romances ... BETNetworks
2 weeks ago

Comments: 21

Old Love Returns But Is It Too Much To Handle? S1 E4 | Makeup Breakup

Both Brooke & Blake deal with making tough decisions when it comes to old love returning. Show Synopsis: After Blake and Brooke's relationship take a turn for .... BETNetworks
3 weeks ago

Comments: 28

#TBT J. Cole On Jay-Z's Advice & How 'Power Trip' Happened Off Of His Born Sinner Album | 106 & Park

In this throwback clip, J. Cole hit 106 & Park in 2013 to discuss his Born Sinner album and hit song "Power Trip" with Miguel! SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! BETNetworks
3 weeks ago

Comments: 74

Alana & Jourdan Experience Gentrification At A Whole New Level S2 E1 | Two Grown

Alana & Jourdan have a somewhat interesting run in with gentrification in their city. SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! ▻▻ #TwoGrown Download ... BETNetworks
3 weeks ago

Comments: 24

New Love Brews, But Spoiler Alert: It's Not All That It's Cracked Up To Be S1 E3 | Makeup Breakup

Blake hangs out with Shannon but will the relationship be able to blossom? Also Brooke gets a shock from her past (kind of). Show Synopsis: After Blake and ... BETNetworks
3 weeks ago

Comments: 29

To Be Or Not To Be The Side Chick? S1 E2 | Makeup Breakup

Brooke leaves Blake to pursue a new relationship, but will the grass be greener on the other side? Show Synopsis: After Blake and Brooke's relationship take a .... BETNetworks
4 weeks ago

Comments: 28

#TBT Bow Wow & Chris Brown's Guy Talk On Wooing The Ladies, Rihanna Collab & More | 106 & Park

TBT to 2014 when Bow Wow & Chris Brown chatted together on the 106 & Park couch! SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! ▻▻ #ChrisBrown ... BETNetworks
4 weeks ago

Comments: 378

Your Girlfriend Breaks Up With You Right Before You Propose. What You Doing? S1 E1 | Makeup Breakup

In this series, we get to meet different characters as the go through life and relationships. When Blake met Brooke.. Show Synopsis: After Blake and Brooke's ..... BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 48

90’s Sitcom Stars Fight To Restore Blackness In Space! Star Wars Parody EP 108 | Spoof Deez

In this Star Wars Parody, Will Starfighter is joined by Yorome and Steve Harbacca who assemble to take down the evil Dark Urkel. SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 17

Baron Vaughn & Open Mike Eagle On Comedy Central's “The New Negroes” Show

The titular stars of "The New Negroes" with Baron Vaughn & Open Mike Eagle sit down with Jamila Mustafa to discuss what viewers can expect from their show. BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 18

Music Video Premiere: KAS - "This Side"

Exclusive music video premiere of "This Side" by #KAS! SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! ▻▻ #WorldPremiere #ThisSide #MusicVideo ... BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 15

#TBT Monica Hosts 106 & Park As Missy Elliot & Timbaland Talk About "Pass That Dutch" | 106 & Park

In this 2003 #throwback clip of 106 & Park (Prime Time Edition), Missy Elliot & Timbaland drop by the set as Monica hosts! They talk about Missy's single then h... BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 65

See if Kelly Price, Pepa, & Pastor Shirley Caesar Get Stumped by Some Trick Questions About God!

How well do Kelly Price, Al B. Sure!, Lexi Allen, Pepa, Pastor Shirley Caesar, and more know about the Lord?! At the 34th Annual Stellar Awards Dee-1 plays ... BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 29

Sarunas J. Jackson, Lauren London & Parker McKenna Star In New TV Drama 'Games People Play'

Sarunas J. Jackson, Lauren London, Parker McKenna Posey, Karen Obilom, Kendall Kyndall and Jackie Long discuss the motivations and relationships of their ... BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 383

Kirk Franklin, Jonathan McReynolds & More Reveal Hilarious 'God Told Me To Tell You' Stories!

Who's The Best Gospel Vocalist of All-Time? Kirk Franklin, The Walls Group, Yolanda Adams & More Crown the G.O.A.T while answering some rapid-fire ... BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 264

Is The “Angry Black Woman” Ever Really Angry? - X-Men Dark Phoenix Parody Ep. 7 | Spoof Deez

After a perceived outburst, Jeanette Brown is forced to attend mandatory anger management classes. This parody brings to light the “angry black woman” ... BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 53

Farmer Nell Teaches The Baltimore Youth How To Grow & Sell Microgreens For Profit | Finding Justice

Urban farmer Dominic Nell shows how he empowers Baltimore's youth to harvest and sell microgreens, but with a twist. SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 32

How Artists Fake Authenticity & Identity To Make It In The Industry - Finale | Rules To This Sh!t

In this season finale of Rules To This Sh!t, Too $hort, N.O.R.E, Dreezy, Mila J, Nipsey Hussle, Common, J Nicks and more discuss how some artists create a fake ... BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 1059

#FlashbackFriday: Drake Hit 106 & Park & Discussed His "Nothing Was The Same" Album! | 106 & Park

Flashback to 2013 when Drake stopped by 106 & Park to discuss his then new album, "Nothing Was The Same" and more! We're officially bringing back all the ... BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 232

#TBT Nipsey Hussle Discusses His Thoughts On The New Generation Of Hip-Hop Artists

In part 2 of this exclusive 2018 interview, Nipsey Hussle talks about the hip-hop game, achieving success and so much more. BET continue to ... BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 141

#TBT: Introducing Talking Dan Rue With VR180 BTS At The The 2019 Social Awards!

Listen to @Danrue talk about how he really feels about social media and dancing in what has to be the longest recorded video of him speaking, ever! This is a ..... BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 12

Best Moments From 'Being Mary Jane': A Look Back At Her Past Loves | Being Mary Jane

After years of romantic ups and downs, promising flings and dead-end relationships, what will come next in Mary Jane's love life? Don't miss the 'Being Mary ... BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 225

The Pet ReAnimation Project Helps You Bring Your Pet Back To Life! Ep. 6 (Parody) | Spoof Deez

A beloved dog is brought back to life with the new Pet Reanimation Project on this episode of Spoof Deez! SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! ▻▻ ..... BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 147

Philando Castile's Girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, Recounts The Tragic Day | Finding Justice

Diamond Reynolds, who live-streamed the bloody aftermath of her boyfriend's shooting by the police, recounts the incident and life after the tragic day. BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 113

From Poppin' Collars To Poppin' Pills: The Evolution Of Rap Music Ep. 115 | Rules To This Sh!t

In Ep. 115 of Rules To This Sh!t, Too $hort, Domani Harris, Nipsey Hussle, D Dot & more discuss the change in quality of hip-hop music and the use of drugs. BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 198

Young M.A Describes How To Get Her Attention In The DMs | Down In The DMs

Young M.A.discusses the DMs she gets and the best way to slide in her DMs. SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! ▻▻ #BETDownInTheDMs ... BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 1009

How Ice Cube's Protégé, 90s Rapper Yo-Yo, Was Once Famous But Still Broke | Blew A Bag

90s Rapper Yo-Yo blew up in the 90s but felt the brunt of fame over finances when her fame outgrew her bank account. SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 1749

Throwback | VR180 BTS: Jess Hilarious and DC YoungFly Snap on Each Other | The Social Awards

This is a VR180 video so pop on your Google Cardboard or VR Headset to be totally immersed in my/our world! No headset? No problem. Move your mobile ... BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 11

Taylor Girlz, Justin Combs, Reginae Carter & King Keraun Play "21 Questions" | Boomerang

Taylor Girlz, Justin Combs, Reginae Carter & King Keraun play a quick game of 21 Questions and answer juicy questions. SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 26

Nipsey Hussle's 2018 "Victory Lap" Interview: Diddy's Advice & Growing Up On "Life After Death"

In this never before seen on YouTube interview, BET Music Editor Iyana Robertson sat down with Nipsey Hussle in 2018 to discuss his first studio album, ... BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 164

In Memoriam: Nipsey Hussle | A Look Back At His Revolutionary Ideas For Music

When rapper-entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle started his "Proud To Pay" campaign for his mixtape "Crenshaw" in 2013, the world got their first glimpse of his ... BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 1613

Juhahn Jones Discovers A Mystery When Bullies Get Burnt By Their actions. Ep. 5 | Spoof Deez

A Godtrilla obsessed office worker uses one of his prized toys to take down his office bullies. SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! ▻▻ ... BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 9

T.I. Discusses The Injustices People Of Color Face In The Political System & More | Finding Justice

Rapper T.I. considers the root causes of several injustices that disproportionately affect communities of color. SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 240

The Real Reason Why Artists Make Their Songs About Women & Sex Ep.14 | Rules To This Sh!t

Translee, Nipsey Hussle, Mila J, LV, J Nicks and more discuss sex appeal in music and how women drive sales in the industry. SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! BETNetworks
1 month ago

Comments: 946
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