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Monster Truck Destroys the Burnyard! Son-uva Digger Goes Full Savage in our Yard!

First thing's first, you need to realize that a Monster Jam truck is pretty much the size of a small house. Have you ever hooned a house? Has anyone? It takes .... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
2 days ago

Comments: 2216

Pure Patina and Right Hand Drive, This C10 Blows Our Minds

We've got channels for all your car content needs. Subscribe, nerds! The Hoonigans: Project ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
1 week ago

Comments: 586

A 2JZ Swapped Ford Mustang - Built in Just 30 Days for Drift Week. And it Tows, Too!

Trevor Jameson of Motion Auto TV is a talented builder, without a doubt - and this is exactly where his attention to detail shines. Now, a whole lot of shops wo... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
2 weeks ago

Comments: 871

12-Car Burnyard Battle: Drift Week 2020 FINALE!

Drift Week 2020 may be one of our favorite road trip stories yet: 13 drivers, 7 tracks, 4 states, and thousands of miles driven and drifted. And (almost) all th... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
3 weeks ago

Comments: 1115

A 650hp Mullet Powered MkIV Toyota Supra - That Actually Gets Thrashed! Rad Dan Rips in the Yard

A mullet and a Toyota Supra don't often go together - in fact, they may even be sword enemies. But Rad Dan Burkett Doesn't mind. Dude LOVES a good MKIV ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
1 month ago

Comments: 1359

Apocalypse-Ready, GT3 Powered Porsche Boxster LeMons Racer??

Not into Porsches? Or LeMons? What about a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max looking, Porsche GT3 powered racecars? Vali Predescu of Vali Motorsports was ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
1 month ago

Comments: 833

'72 Chevelle High School Daily Turned 500hp Daily Burnout Machine

When we met William Rhodes at a Burnyard event and saw this cherry '72 Chevelle, there's no way he wasn't getting an invite back into the yard. William kicked .... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
1 month ago

Comments: 558

Most Savage N/A V8 Drift Build? Carl Thompson's 850hp Nissan S15

It's obvious that our bud Carl Thompson is no stranger to high horsepower, super rowdy builds - all super clean, and well thought out. Including Hert's dream ..... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
1 month ago

Comments: 2747

Mercedes E55 AMG Track Kart!? 700hp Twin Turbo Home-Built Race Machine

Subscribe! FB: IG: ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
2 months ago

Comments: 944

The Wildest BMW M2 Track Car Ever? 500hp Pikes Peak Spec

Tyler Pappas (aka TYSPEED) started his life with this BMW M2 in the same way many of us do - a nice, reasonable daily driver with enough power to have a little ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
2 months ago

Comments: 313

This 700HP Sequential Transmission Ford Mustang Cobra EATS. And the Owner Lets us Shred!

Get Honey for FREE and start saving money today ▸ Its 10 million members save an average of $28.61 on stores like Amazon ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
2 months ago

Comments: 1111

Big Slick Energy: Daily Driven, Sequential Shifting, Widebody Drag Monster Dodge SRT-8 Challenger!

Get Honey for FREE and start saving money today ▸ Its 10 million members save an average of $28.61 on stores like Amazon ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
2 months ago

Comments: 1275

Savage 1000hp Turbo Four Rotor RX-7 Sounds Like an Angry F1 Car

We first spotted David Mazzei's 4 rotor turbo RX-7 at SEMA last year during our 1 hour special, and... well actually that's a lie. We saw it on the Internet fir... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
3 months ago

Comments: 2682

RWD Converted Volkswagen GTI (With a BMW V8!) is the Ripper We Didn't Know We Needed

Coming up as a car person, most of us came up in one of two camps: German, Japanese, or good 'ol American. And this car right here really tugs at the German ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
3 months ago

Comments: 826

Don't Stop 'Til the Rad Pops: Pink Nissan S15 Goes for Broke

Subscribe, nerds. FB: IG: ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
3 months ago

Comments: 650

Too Nice to Shred? NAH. Art Daddy Jon Chase's Cherry '67 Nova Sport Coupe

Can you believe that Jon's Nova has been in the family for over 40 years? Have any of you even been alive for that long? Kinda doubt it. Anyway, this super ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
3 months ago

Comments: 504

Not Your Typical Drifter: 1968 Camaro Party Car Has a 500hp SBC

You've seen Josh Mason back in the day on Garage Garage and some other shows, but just in case you haven't: he builds, he drifts, he parties. Running his ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
3 months ago

Comments: 725

Daily Driven Exotics Invade the Burnyard! Ford GT, Dodge Viper, and Lambo Get Rowdy

Well this is kinda insane. This right here is some high dollar machinery to be hanging in the burnyard... and some automotive YouTube names you may ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
4 months ago

Comments: 854

1000hp R35 GTR Powered Nissan S15 That Sounds Like the Apocalypse - Kazuya Taguchi's Pro Car

In a realm of either insane V8 swaps or 2Js built to within an inch of their life, it's always interesting to see something fresh in the Formula Drift world: li... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
4 months ago

Comments: 1217

Can You Turn a 5th Gen Chevy Camaro Into a Pro Drift Car?

Help support our Neighbors at Edison Elementary School! The 5th gen Chevy Camaro is a ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
4 months ago

Comments: 461

Ex-Police Car Ford Mustang Fox Body Throws Flames and Almost Burns Down

Nothin' like a 550+ horsepower Foxbody Ford Mustang daily driver street car. Whether it's the early 90s, or 2019 - Foxbodies will always be sick in our book. Hoonigan Daily Transmission
4 months ago

Comments: 672

360s in the Yard?? 700hp Supercharged Nissan 370z Goes Berserk

Is this the hardest run in the yard yet?? Our dude Jeff Jones has built one serious supercharged V8 swapped 370z, and he ain't afraid to drive the wheels off of... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
4 months ago

Comments: 772

Chopper Hauler Chevy C10 Truck Project Gets ROWDY in the Yard!

Check out Zac's whole truck build - leading up to this glorious moment - here on the Hoonigan Project Cars channel: ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
4 months ago

Comments: 1523

800hp, Heavy Flake Paint, and Rear Mount Radiator? Ryan Litteral's Party Car Rips

Our homeboy Ryan Litteral is a true wheelman - but a wheelman with style. Who paints a drift car these days?? Ryan does. Heavy on the metal flake, ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
4 months ago

Comments: 918

Can You Drift With 125 Horsepower? Hoodless Datsun 510 Shows You Don't Need Power to Party

Respect. While we enjoy fire belching, high horsepower builds just as much as the next guy, there's some serious respect for a guy who can whip a car with ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
5 months ago

Comments: 1064

LSX V8 Swapped Jeep Wrangler Obliterates 40" Tires!

How much power is too much power? In a Jeep Wrangler, the answer to that is "probably anything above 300". But that doesn't stop someone like Adam ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
5 months ago

Comments: 874

NSX vs Tesla: Supercar vs Electric car Drag Race

Electric, hybrid, gas mileage, EV... these words, not too long ago, were all the sworn enemy of car enthusiasts worldwide. But now? Now they take on an entirely... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
5 months ago

Comments: 557

Chevy C10 Burnout Machine That Drove up From Mexico!

With his C10 build almost ready for launch, Zac has been making friends with Chevy owners all across America - even down to Mexico. So when his buddy ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
5 months ago

Comments: 595

Glorious Sounding Porsche 911 GT3 Rips Donuts in the Burnyard

99% of the time, you'll either see a Porsche 911 GT3 either hanging out in a parking lot or - on the more rare occasion - cutting laps at your local track. But ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
5 months ago

Comments: 468

Two Cars, ONE Burnout King Winner: 730HP 240SX AND a Ford Mustang Vert Come to Party!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get crowned a Burnout King. Dustin came all the way from Tennessee not only to tear it up in the Burnyard to celebrate ..... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
5 months ago

Comments: 1271

Mustang-Swapped Ford Fusion?? 5.0 Coyote V8 in a Sleeper Sedan

We see a lot of swaps here in the Burnyard... the two letter combos you all know well: LS. JZ. RB. SR. But sometimes, two letters just aren't enough to cover ..... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
5 months ago

Comments: 2744

Insane Ford Bronco Jumps Over a 1000hp McLaren 720s??

Daily Transmission OGs will remember that time the madman Michael Cox sent his Ford Bronco to the moon, as soon as we brought out the double stack ramps. Hoonigan Daily Transmission
5 months ago

Comments: 818

1000hp Gullwing Hoonage! McLaren 720S Sitting on TE37s Thrashes its Tires

Enter our SEMA giveaway here! Alex Gintani (@gintani) doesn't mess around when it comes to exotics - it's about way more than ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
6 months ago

Comments: 1170

THIS Ford Bronco Won a $5000 Burnout Competition??

Enter our SEMA giveaway here! Who says spinning all four wheels has to be more expensive than two?? Ryan Hauf (@ryhauf) ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
6 months ago

Comments: 1332

Two Engines, One Car: Insane Home Built Twin Turbo Mazda Blows Our Minds

Enter our SEMA giveaway here! Never, ever judge a book by its cover... even when that cover is a Mazda MX-3. Not the world's ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
6 months ago

Comments: 5618

BMW Tandem Drifting Battle UNDER a Trailer! We Finally Raised it Up

We did it!! We finally raised the Burnyard Trailer. And what better way to celebrate than with a tandem drift battle between two BMWs, swung by the one and only... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
6 months ago

Comments: 1542

Tesla Model S "Pickup" Vaporizes Tires

Spoiler alert, this is actually the first ever Truckla. Check out EV West's posts about this thing, vs when the other thing came out. Except this one was born o... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
6 months ago

Comments: 932

Insane Explorer Guy Goes FULL Aintcare in his Ex-daily

Nathan Cooley is a Burnyard hero. He's been to every single bash, sending his damn near stock Ford Explorer into containers, barriers, tire walls, and more ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
6 months ago

Comments: 757

The Greatest $1,500 ever spent: A 1951 Chevy With a Lexus LS400

This right here might be one of the finest, most Hoonigan-esque builds we've seen in a while. A tough looking '51 Chevy with a LEXUS CHASSIS SWAP. Hoonigan Daily Transmission
6 months ago

Comments: 2136

Can a Street Spec Drift Car Hang With a 1000hp Pro Drift Car?

One of our favorite things about drifting is that style can be just as important as power. Some of our absolute favorite grassroots level drift cars have just a... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
6 months ago

Comments: 748

Bats#*t Crazy Tesla-Powered BMW M3 Pikes Peak Special From EV West

EV West are the mad automotive scientists of the future. They're out here Tesla swapping everything - and have been for a while. They built this fully-electric ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
7 months ago

Comments: 3284

Drifting 600hp With Hand Controls: Chairslayer's Supercharged 180sx!

Welcome to the finger flicker S13 is in its ultimate form. When our buddy Rob Parsons started this build, it was always a ripper... but now, it's reliable AND h... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
7 months ago

Comments: 1502

Nissan Skyline With a 350Z Motor?? VQ Swapped R32 That Actually Sounds Good

A VQ35 in a R32 Skyline? Who does that?? Mr. Monsta Performance does. And you know what, we're not even mad at it. Sure, we all prefer the sound of an RB ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
7 months ago

Comments: 1493

Rear Wheel Drive Subaru WRX!? Ex-Stance Kid Goes Drifting

What happens when you leave the stance life and enter the drift life? Awesome things: like this rear wheel drive swapped '08 WRX. Christian Ngo has seen the ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
7 months ago

Comments: 1686

Dodge Hellcat Powered Mazda Miata Can do 6th Gear Burnouts!!

Some people like to talk about insane engine swaps... and some people just straight up do them. Like @karrmedia's little Miata with a giant 700hp Dodge Hellcat ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
7 months ago

Comments: 3136

All Wheel Drive 1000hp Cutlass!? Carbon Fiber G Body Launches HARD

Our buddy Brian King has been building this mad creation in his basement for many years, and now it's finally alive and RIPPING. It's an all-wheel-drive ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
7 months ago

Comments: 3648

460whp Bulletproof Rotary? Daily Drifter FC RX-7 Gets Thrashed on

You may know John Vargas as the guy that's always fixing Hert's car - and you're right. But lurking in the shadows, sneaking (ok, "borrowing") parts off of Hert... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
7 months ago

Comments: 1551

1,200lbs and 365hp: SUPER Light Ariel Atom Weighs less than Shartkart!

Is the Ariel Atom the ultimate grippy boi car? If you ask it, it sure does seem so. Crazy good power to weight ratio, easy/affordable expendable parts, and that... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
7 months ago

Comments: 785

Pro BMXer Drifts 700whp, RWD Converted Nissan GTR: Coco Zurita Gets Sketchy

Years ago, Coco Zurita came to the U.S. with nothing but $800, a suitcase, and some pro BMX dreams. Now he's living it up in the burnyard with a 700whp rear ... Hoonigan Daily Transmission
8 months ago

Comments: 919

Rev Limiter Savagery: BEAMS-Powered Toyota Hilux Party Truck

We know Toyota motors are durable, but damn - we're pretty sure our buddy Jordan built this BEAMS-powered Toyota Hilux strictly to smash rev limiter. Hoonigan Daily Transmission
8 months ago

Comments: 1004
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