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Eyeshadow Do's and DONTS! For ALL Eye Shapes! | Jackie Aina

This EYESHADOW for beginners makeup tutorial will be teaching how to apply eyeshadow for all eye shapes! I will be sharing step by step how to blend ... Jackie Aina
3 years ago

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Cover Dark Circles/Deep Undereye Crease | Jackie Aina

Dark circles can be really annoying! Especially when under eye bags still show through makeup. Today I'll be showing tips on how to cover dark circles with ... Jackie Aina
3 years ago

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Trends We're Ditching in 2016 | Jackie Aina

You guys asked for it again, here it is! Bon voyage 2015, it's been lit! Trends We're Ditching in 2015: What I'm wearing in this video: Na... Jackie Aina
3 years ago

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How to STOP Foundation Creasing/Separating!

Happy Tuesday! Today's video I'll be sharing my tip on how to stop foundation from creasing and separating around the mouth and cupids bow area. This is one ... Jackie Aina
2 years ago

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What Happens If I Try Foundations With the Same SHADE NAME?! | Jackie Aina

So as we all know, foundations aren't always one sized fits all. I grabbed a TON of foundations from different brands in the shade Mocha and this is what ... Jackie Aina
2 months ago

Comments: 2520

Let's Get GLAM Together! Makeup + Outfit Too! | Jackie Aina

Hey guys! Today I'm doing a quick beat to run some errands with my bae bae! I'll also be doing this video in partnership with Pat McGrath to demonstrate the ... Jackie Aina
4 days ago

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Trends We're Ditching in 2017 (2016 ROAST) | Jackie Aina

Merry Christmas lol My limited edition LA BRONZE highlighter is going back in stock! Friday, December 30th, 10am PST, last chance to get it before the end of ..... Jackie Aina
2 years ago

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BOYFRIEND Guesses Beauty Product Prices! | Jackie Aina

Kristin Jones did the Boyfriend Guesses Makeup Prices video so I couldn't resist! So today bae and I are doing the Boyfriend guesses my beauty products! Jackie Aina
1 year ago

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My BEST FRIEND Controls MY DAY! | Jackie Aina

Hi guys! Today's video is something fun I'm filming with my friend and fellow youtuber MACDADDYY! I know how much so many of you guys have been waiting ... Jackie Aina
3 weeks ago

Comments: 2454

I Tried KEYSHIA KA'OIR's MAKEUP LINE and was...SURPRISED! | Jackie Aina

So I wanted to dig my hands into Keyshia Kaoir's makeup line and honeyyy I was a little surprised in how it turned out! Today I'm testing out the Ka'oir palette... Jackie Aina
4 weeks ago

Comments: 4550


Hi babes! This is a products I regret buying made into a tutorial. I saw another youtuber Amy Macedo doing this makeup review type video and thought it would ..... Jackie Aina
2 years ago

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Addressing RUMORS I've Heard About Me... | Jackie Aina

Soooo I opened up questions on Instagram and asked people to tell me what rumors they've heard about me and today we discuss what they are! Let's see what ... Jackie Aina
3 months ago

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Boyfriend Buys My Makeup! | Jackie Aina

The Boyfriend Buys My Makeup requests were so overwhelming we just had to do it. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how well Denis did :) Hope you ..... Jackie Aina
1 year ago

Comments: 3566

Trends We're Ditching in 2018 RANT! (This is not a Roast!) | Jackie Aina

THIS IS NOT A ROAST P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D: C O D E S: My man makes some DOPE lifestyle/motivational clothing! Jackie Aina
1 year ago

Comments: 12503

FLEX Vs Tampons? | Jackie Aina

Get a Flex free trial here: #Ad Hi babes! I tried the FLEX Menstrual Disc and partnered with them to talk about the differences... Jackie Aina
1 year ago

Comments: 2776

I'm DITCHING WIGS! Spend the Day & Get Glam With Me | Jackie Aina

Hey guys! Spend the day with me while I go get my hair braided! I'm going to be starting off with skincare, food, makeup, some unboxings, and then later on the ... Jackie Aina
2 weeks ago

Comments: 3931

How I Install My Lace Wigs! | Jackie Aina

Hey hey yall! Today I'm going to be showing you how I install my lace wigs! I've been wearing wigs for almost ten years and needless to day I've learned a lot! Jackie Aina
2 years ago

Comments: 854

Makeup DON'TS! Common Makeup Mistakes! | Jackie Aina

Hey lovelies! This video is going to be talking about makeup donts and common makeup mistakes to avoid. I'm going to be showing on one side the most ... Jackie Aina
3 years ago

Comments: 2324

We Need To Talk About SKIN BLEACHING... | Jackie Aina

Hey guys...I filmed this video about a week ago when the topic was super heavy on my heart. It's frustrating to have to even keep addressing this as a problem .... Jackie Aina
3 months ago

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How to Remove Your Makeup + Skincare Tips with Clinique! | Jackie Aina

Check out Clinique Take the Day off Cleansing Balm Hey guys! Today I've collaborated with Clinique to show you how to remove your ... Jackie Aina
3 years ago

Comments: 434

How to Color Correct - Do's and Don'ts!

Hi guys! Today's video on COLOR CORRECTION dos and don'ts will have helpful tips on how to color correct. Color correction can be used to cover dark marks. Jackie Aina
2 years ago

Comments: 1132

I Mixed ALL My Foundations With The Same Shade Name Together And GIRLLL...

The last time we did a video like this we did side by side comparisons of foundations that all have the same shade name. On today's video we are mixing them ... Jackie Aina
2 months ago

Comments: 6205

Laura Mercier NEW Translucent Deep Powder Review | Jackie Aina

Hi guys! Laura Mercier has a new translucent loose medium/deep powder and I just had to try it out! This new shade of translucent powder is supposed to work ... Jackie Aina
2 years ago

Comments: 1756

The Worst Beauty Brands EVER For POC!

Hello guys! Todays video I'll be talking about some of the WORST makeup and beauty brands for people of color. I am judging them based on lack of diversity ... Jackie Aina
2 years ago

Comments: 13462

Full Coverage CAKE FREE Foundation Tutorial! | Jackie Aina

get the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation here: (I use the shade GOLDEN for my face, and Ginger under eye) Hi guys! Today I'll be ... Jackie Aina
2 years ago

Comments: 2256

Full Face of Products YALL LET FLOP! | Jackie Aina

Get your first audiobook for free when you try Audible for 30 days. Visit or text jackieaina to 500500 Hey babes! Today's vide... Jackie Aina
2 weeks ago

Comments: 2611

QUICK Work/School Makeup Tutorial! CHEAP and EASY | Jackie Aina

Hey guys, I'm back! Let's be real, most people don't have an hour to do a full face of makeup everyday, so I thought I'd give you guys a quick and on the go ... Jackie Aina
3 years ago

Comments: 493

Has FENTY Done It Again?! Pro Filt'r Concealer & Setting Powder Review | Jackie Aina

Hey babes! So today we will be discussing and reviewing Fenty's new Pro Filt'r Concealer and Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch setting powder. Let's see if she's reall... Jackie Aina
2 months ago

Comments: 5396

Makeup For Finessers!!! "No Makeup Makeup" Tutorial | Jackie Aina

Hi guys! My signature no makeup makeup look has just gotten a makeover. Join me as I walk you through the perfect technique to fake a makeup look, using ... Jackie Aina
8 months ago

Comments: 2325

5 Minute Smokey Eye

This is one of my favorite variations of a dark smokey eye, which a lot of chocolate gals like me having trouble mastering. Enjoy :) To see a list of the produc... Jackie Aina
6 years ago

Comments: 310

MY LAST TUTORIAL of 2018!!! BYE GIRL! | Jackie Aina

Hey babes! Hope you're all having a faaaabulous new year! This is my last makeup tutorial of the year. When this video goes up I will still be in Ghana living m... Jackie Aina
2 months ago

Comments: 1727

GOOGLE Helps Me Get Glam! LOL Oh GIRL | Jackie Aina

What you're about to witness is DEFINITELY an experience honey!! Today I've been sponsored by Google to show how Google Assistant can help make my ... Jackie Aina
3 months ago

Comments: 1961

E.L.F. Full Face Glam Makeup Look

Hello lovlies, todays full face tutorial is featuring e.l.f. cosmetics! Today is their huge Black Friday 50% off sale so I thought this would be the perfect day... Jackie Aina
2 years ago

Comments: 2443

Perfect Eyebrow Tutorial | Makeup Game On Point

Hey guys! This tutorial is an updated version of how I do my eyebrows. The technique is the same, I just use different products. I actually find the MAC Studio ... Jackie Aina
6 years ago

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The Truth About Beauty Hacks | Jackie Aina

Do those popular BEAUTY HACKS really work? Let's play! just for laughs :) part 1 of this video New videos Tuesdays, Fridays, and ..... Jackie Aina
3 years ago

Comments: 2270

Makeup Trends We're Ditching in 2015

Trends We're Ditching in 2016 2015 is coming near, let's leave some of these trends where they came from! Original video idea is from EJ .... Jackie Aina
4 years ago

Comments: 8322

Black History: Roaring 20s Makeup | Makeup Game On Point

When you look through magazines, television shows and history books about all of the popular culture in the last century very little credit or recognition is gi... Jackie Aina
4 years ago

Comments: 637

Bad & Boujee on a Budget - "Luxury" Pamper Routine | Jackie Aina

Hi babes! My number one priority is healthy skin. Here's a fun pamper routine with some inexpensive drugstore skincare brands! Enjoy xoxo My Diamond Glow ... Jackie Aina
11 months ago

Comments: 2890

Apply Eyeshadow on Dark Eyelids | Jackie Aina

Dark eyelids are NOTHING to be ashamed of! But can sometimes be a pain in the butt when you're trying to get the vibrancy of your eyeshadows to show up! Jackie Aina
3 years ago

Comments: 229

Bretman You Ain’t SLICK! Trying the Bretman Colourpop Collection! | Jackie Aina

I'm finally getting my hands on Bretman's Colourpop collab! Today I'll be getting glam using the new collection and sharing my thoughts on it and what's new ... Jackie Aina
3 months ago

Comments: 2842

"No Makeup" Makeup

For more photos, tutorials, and a list of all the products used visit my BLOG! My Eyebrow Tutorial ..... Jackie Aina
6 years ago

Comments: 1041

ZAMN PAT!!! 125$ Palette Worth The Hype?! Bronze Seduction | Jackie Aina

Vote for me, E! Peoples Choice Award! Vote up to 25 times a day! Jackie Aina
5 months ago

Comments: 3409

Cover Blemishes/Faux "Mustache" FAST w/ LESS Product!

The best way to cover blemishes. Save time, money and product on your foundation application! This video will demonstrate how to get full coverage from your ... Jackie Aina
4 years ago

Comments: 896

CONCEALER HACKS!!! | Jackie Aina

Today I'll be showing how to apply concealer and concealing tips. I've been holding out on some of these concealer hacks and tips for a cool minute. Don't be ..... Jackie Aina
2 years ago

Comments: 1136

How to Walk in Heels! And Other HACKS! | Jackie Aina

How to Walk in Heels can be a struggle or SLAY, depending on how you work it! Today I'll be showing my tips and hacks on how to walk in high heels, and how ... Jackie Aina
1 year ago

Comments: 3663

Nighttime Skincare Routine | Hyperpigmented/Dark Skin

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to be showing you my nightly skincare routine and giving tips on how I treat and care for my skin nightly. It's important to know t... Jackie Aina
4 years ago

Comments: 204

Glam Christmas Makeup Tutorial | Jackie Aina

Today's look is a not so Christmas, Christmas makeup tutorial. Enjoy and have a beautiful holiday week everyone! xoxo What I'm wearing: House of CB Dress ... Jackie Aina
2 years ago

Comments: 1358

"Everyday" Makeup Tutorial | Jackie Aina

If I wore makeup everyday it would look something like this :) please enjoy this step by step everyday glam makeup routine. It doesn't change often, sometimes I... Jackie Aina
1 year ago

Comments: 1148

AT HOME BROW TATTOO?! Maybelline Brow Tattoo Studio | Jackie Aina

Watch what happens when I try am at home brow tinting product! The Maybelline Brow Tattoo Studio, does it work or is it a gimmick?! C O L L A B S Too Faced ..... Jackie Aina
1 month ago

Comments: 2849

Unpopular Opinions: Beauty Guru Edition | Jackie Aina

This video was done in partnership with KISS! Hey guys! So today I'll be getting glam and sharing some of my UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. some of these may ... Jackie Aina
1 month ago

Comments: 5361
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